Board Advisory

Through my consultancy services I can support your business in the following ways.

HR Transformation: Supporting your business through its many phases is my signature style of expertise. So, if you’re a business owner or CEO who is looking for a new way of doing things to transform and streamline your HR functionality, I have the unique skills and experience needed. Whether this is at setting up stage or working with existing teams and systems, taking careful consideration of the culture within the organisation is key to creating a roadmap to facilitate smooth delivery and execution of the new service model.

HR Excellence: As a coach and mentor for HR Leaders and teams, I strip back what’s not working and bring an external perspective to utilise an entrepreneurial mindset in a commercial environment. Marrying the two together in this way makes the difference between great and exceptional. The professionals who work with me in this area receive complimentary membership of The HR Entrepreneurs Network for a period of 12 months.

Interim Leadership: When the unexpected happens and you need immediate support in the short term to lead your team and maintain the standard of your business, I can step in and effect a smooth transition from chaos to calm.

Exec Wellbeing and Vitality: When you’re operating in a high end environment with a lot of responsibility, the risks of burnout are heavily increased and you and your team need systems in place to ensure you continue at peak performance. Within this environment I specialise in identifying the warning signs in advance and teach you proven strategies to prevent such eventualities. For executives who have already experienced these mental health challenges, I provide one to one support and assistance to help their recovery and reintegration into the business.

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