How do you say I truly love working with my one to one clients to help them reveal their true potential, without sounding like everyone else? How about making a difference to your life makes a difference to mine and I find that addictive – that’s the truth of it and it’s a win win.

After experiencing a personal breakdown, somewhat expected in my hugely succstressful career, (yes I made that word up but it fits), as a high flying HR Director, I realised it was a blessing. If I hadn’t broken down, I would never have been in at the ground level, wearing my hard hat and getting my hands dirty – learning how to build my own business from the remains. So, if you’ve had the wind knocked out of you, I know exactly how to get you back on your feet and up and running.

My client list is made up of CEO’s, Business Owners and HR Professionals from all walks of life, but in particular, I have a connection with those natural born entrepreneurs who’ve not realised their potential yet. My core options for private one to one work are designed and systemised from my knowledge and experienced but I’m happy to tailor solutions for forward thinking individuals who have a vision of their own but just don’t know how to get there.

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